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I am an assistant professor in Business Communication & Digital Media at Tilburg University. My research focuses on the social aspects of information technology, specifically Youth & Social Media, Online Collaboration, and Online Impression Management and Impression Formation. I also teach courses on social media, organizational communication, information technology, online collaboration and virtual teams, and research methodology. Furthermore, I like rock climbing. I'm not really good at it (about 6b French grading), but it brings you to great locations. I also do cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and of course I like all the 30-something city pastimes like shopping, drinking, going to restaurants etc.

Where you can find me.

I live in Amsterdam, in Bos & Lommer. You can find me on: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, right here, and probably on many other sites I registered for once.

Contact Information

Alexander Schouten, PhD
Assistant Professor Business Communication & Digital Media
dept. of Communication and Information Science
Tilburg University
Warandelaan 2, room D429
P.O. Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg
t. + 31 (0) 13 466 2971

Adolescents' internet use

Presentatie Nijmegen dd. 21-11-2011

Hieronder staat de presentatie over risicovolle zelfonthulling, die ik heb voor het seminar opvoedingsfilosofie in praktijk, dd. 21-11-11.

Presentatie risicovolle zelfonthulling (pdf, ~1.5MB)


I got my PhD in November 2007. The title of my dissertation is 'Adolescents' Online Self-Disclosure and Self-Presentation'. In the dissertation, I investigate how adolescents use new communication technologies such as Instant Messaging and social networking sites. I focus on how adolescents present and disclose themselves online, what causes online self-disclosure and self-presentation, and what the social consequences are of online self-disclosure and self-presentation.

Download my dissertation (PDF, 2 MB)

If you want more information about my dissertation or about me, don't hesitate to contact me (see below). My dissertation is part of a larger research project, about which you can find more information on our project site.

Here is a nice presentation about the research of my colleagues and me on adolescents' internet use. It gives quite a good overview of the main research results, as well as gives some interesting demographic facts on adolescents internet use.

Here is a more scientific presentation of my research I gave in Singapore last year.

Een nederlandse samenvatting van mijn proefschrift staat hier (Dutch Summary).

Informatie voor ouders en andere geïnteresseerden

Hieronder staan nog twee pagina's met informatie n.a.v. gegeven presentaties.

Links tbv presentatie Keesie

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Below I listed some of my publications. See my CV for a complete list.